Pawsitive Training

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Criteria

1.  Accepting a friendly stranger – must sit and not go toward the stranger.

2.  Sit politely for petting – show no signs of shyness or resentment. No jumping or lunging at stranger.

3.  Appearance and grooming – permits groomer e.g. stranger to touch and examine ears, feet, etc.

4.  Out for a walk. Walking on a loose leash. The walk has left turn, right turn, about turn, halt.

Handler may talk with dog.

5.  Walking through a crowd – There may be another dog in the crowd.

6.  Sit and Down on command and stay – distance 20 feet away.

7.  Come when called – distance 10 feet away

8.  Reaction to another dog – 2 handlers with dogs approach each other from 15 feet. They stop, shake hands, chat, & continue on. Dog waits patiently sitting or standing.

9.  Reaction to distractions – sound & visual e.g. drops a pan, folding chair no closer than 5 feet. Visual can be a jogger, bike, etc.

10.  Supervised separation – 3 minutes.

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