Pawsitive Training

Phase 2

Test 8: Testing of reaction to Unusual Situations

The dog handler team must be walking in a straight line. The dog can be on either side with a loose lease. The evaluator will ask the handler to have the dog sit. Next the evaluator will ask the Handler to down the dog. Continuing in a straight line, the handler will be asked to make a right, left, and an about turn at the evaluator’s discretion. Following distractions will be added. A. the team will be passing a person on crutches. B. Someone running by calling, “excuse me, excuse me” or a person on roller blade. C. Another person will walk by and drop something making a loud noise. D. Make left turn. E. Make right turn. F. Make about turn and go back in straight line.

Test 9: Leave It Phase One

The dog and handler meet a person on a walker. The person with the walker offers the dog a treat. Handler must tell the dog to leave it.

Test 10: Leave it Phase Two

Dog and handler are walking. There will be a piece of food in the path of the dog. The dog must leave it.

Test 11: Meeting another Dog.

A volunteer with a demo dog will walk past the dog/handler team, turn around and ask the handler a question. After a brief conversation handlers part.

Test 12: Entering through a door to visit at the Facility

When arriving at the door to the facility, the handler puts the dog in a sit, stand, or down. A person should be able to go through the entrance before the dog/handler team.

Test 13: Reaction to Children

The dog will be observed for a reaction toward children running or being present at the testing site. The children will be instructed to run, yell, and do what children usually do while playing. The dog may be walked, or put in a sit/down position.

Therapy Dog Test