AKC STAR Puppy May, 2015

Dad and Avery, Nancy and Archie, Debi and Gracie, Mom and Roxy, Dad and Kuzco, Laura and Raven, Lisa and Jack,  Navneet and Simba

Advanced Obedience June 2015

Kay and Libby, Caroline and Mason, Paula and Hank, Robert and Gracie, Diane and Turcay, Cathy and Bodie

Basic Obedience February, 2015

Mom and Zepplen, Elizabeth and Duncan, Bill and Barley, Max, Lesley and Atlas, Brittany and Orville, Caroline and Mason, Christine and Pepper, Kristen and Dexter.  Absent Ralphy and Brutus.

Advanced Obedience February, 2015

Ciara and Sully, Diane and Kimme, Sarah and Kato, Cathy and Bodie, Paula and Hank  Absent: Nike

Class Photos 2015

Basic Obedience Class December 2015

Lynne and Max, Janet and Winston, Roberta and Gia, Brad and Skully, Fred and Chase.

Basic Obedience May 2015

​​Dad and Boudreaux, Erika and Blitz, Jeanne and Pac, Joseph and Harley, Stacey and Chloe, Rene and Sasha, Elizabeth and Muffin, Allison and Oakley, Janet and Winston

Pawsitive Training

Basic Obedience May, 2015

Dawn and Murphy, Michelle and Dakota, Vanessa and Cali, James and Holly 

October 2015 AKC STAR Puppy

​​Sharon and Liberty, Eric and Moon Pi, Mr. Goldzung and Sully, Jove and Charlie, Debbie and Liesel. Absent Beckham

AKC  Star Puppy Class December 2015


​​Christine, Husband and Cami, Joanne and Rosie, Sharon and Violet, Mary Beth and Zola, Cliff and Cassidy, Kimberly and Norton, Shaila, her daughter and TJ.

AKC STAR Puppy Class February 26, 2015

Vanessa and Cali, Michelle and Dakota, Dad and Bentley, Joseph, Ella and Harley, Le Anne and Ella, Jeanne and Pac, Art and Becky Sue. Absent: Copper.