Henry, Kim and Bane, Cathy, Husband, and Harper, Amy and Nova, Colleen and Zar. Absent: Bob and Sadie

Advanced Obedience Class CGC  January/February 2016

Ciara and Sully, Sharon and Bailey, Steve and Mason, Cathy and Bodie, Elizabeth and Muffin, Absent Paula  and Hank

 Marcus, Rob and Ragnarr, Jim and Jake, Elizabeth and Misty, Cathy and Harper, Robin and Harlow. Absent: Lindsay and Antosha

​​​Basic Obedience April, 2016


Jennifer and Paxl Rose, Sandy and Indy, Justin and Virgil, Kristen and Willie, Jessica and Gizmo, Sharon and Liberty, Cindy and Dagny.  Absent Tilly and River

Basic Obedience Class  January/February 2016

​Matthew and Leo, Jason and Murray, Mary Beth and Zola, Sanna, Shaila and TJ, Kristen, Ken and Sunny, Sharon and Violet, Yessica, Friend, and Bella, Spencer and Cullie, Absent:  Bea

Basic Obedience Class Sept. - Oct. 2016

AKC Puppy Class April 2016

Peter and Bella, Ian and Hannah, Barb and Lucy, Anne and Zoey, Nancy and Jax. 

Absent: Tuck

AKC STAR Puppy Class June-July 2016

Lynn and Annie, Kristin, Kason, and Kandy, Ralph and Misty, Bryce and Kiara, Marcus, Rob and Ragnarr

Basic Obedience November/December 2016

Amy and Gunner, Suzette and Ginny, Jessica and Baker, Bryce and Kiara, Katherine and Indy, Michele and Gretel

Pawsitive Training

​​​AKC STAR Puppy Class January/February 2016


Susan with Paisley, Renee and Bailey, Jim with Jake, Jamal with Keno, Ann Marie with Mojito, Vicky with Mattie, Sandy with Indy.  Absent: Miss Caroline

AKC STAR Puppy Class Sept. - Oct. 2016

Class Photos 2016

Basic Obedience Class June-July 2016

Susan and Paisley, Sandy and Indy, Meghan and Rosie, Anne and Sweetie, Craig, Rusty and Son.