​​Basic Obedience Class January/February 2017

Sue and Ruby, Ann and Teddy, Tim and Duke Tony, Colton and Chance, Kathleen and Mosby

AKC STAR Puppy Class January/February 2017

Amy, Wanda and Sadie, Julio and Misty, Marc and Dixie, Bob and Dixon, Anne and Finnian  Absent Stella

Basic Obedience August/September 2017

Sharon and Juniper, Maria, Jason, and Kaya,

Bill and Bernard, John, Wife and Remy, Lucy and Belle,

Abset:  Sadie, Lily, and Coco

 STAR Puppy June 2017

Sharon and Juniper, Hayley and Silus, Amy & Ryuuji,

Edna and Sadie, Mom, Vickie and Mattis, Dad, Kaylee and Gracie.

AKC STAR Puppy August/September 2017

Debra & Husband & Dakota, Mary Lou, Doug and Breezy, Dianne & Hunter, Kristen and Emmylou, Nathan, Theresa, and Odin, Izabela and Peanut

AKC STAR Puppy Class April/May 2017

Finn and Mr. Fairfield, Berkley and Bridget, Mavik and Makenna, Remy and Robin. 

Absent:  Saber and Katelyn

Basic Dog Obedience June/July 2017

Caitlin and Farnir, Kaitlin and Birdie, Meghan and Champ, Pam and Ollie,

Absent: Gunner

Pawsitive Training

Class Photos 2017

Basic Obedience Class April/May 2017

Bixly and Nancy, Sadie and Wanda, Robert and Ruby,

Willow and Amy and her daughter

Absent: Mia and Chara, Idli and Jim.