Pawsitive Training

Before testing the owner must present a current certificate and other state or locally required inoculation certificates and licenses.

Phase 1

Test 1: TDI Entry table (simulated as a hospital Reception Desk)

The dog/handler teams are lined up to be checked in (simulating a visit). The evaluator will go down the line of registrants and greet each new arrival including each dog. At the same time the collars must be checked, as well as nails, ears and grooming.

Test 2: Check-In and Out of Sight

The handler is asked to complete the paperwork and check in. At that time a helper will ask the handler if he/she can help by holding the dog. If the handler prefers he/she can go with the helper and places the dog with a stay command. The dog will be out of sight of the handler. The helper can talk to and pet the dog. The dog can sit, lie down, stand or walk around within the confine of the leash.

Test 3: Getting around people

As the dog/handler team walks toward the patients’ rooms, there should be various people standing around. Some of the people will try visiting with the dog. The dog/handler team must demonstrate that the dog can withstand the approach of several people at the same time and is willing to visit and to walk around a group of people.

Test 4: Group Sit/Stay

The evaluator will ask all the participants to line up with their dogs in a heel position (dog on left), with 8 feet ft. between each team. Now the handlers will put their dogs in a sit/stay position. The evaluator will tell the handlers to leave their dogs. Handlers will step out to the end of their 6 ft. leash and wait for the evaluator’s command to return to their dogs.

Test 5: Group Down/Stay

Same as Sit/Stay. These exercises will show how well the dog responds when other dogs are present.

Test 6: Recall on 20 ft. Leash

Three dogs at a time will be fitted with a 20 ft leash. One handler at a time will take the dog to a designated area and down the dog. Upon the command from the evaluator the handler will tell the dog to stay. The handler will walk to the end of the 20 ft. line, turn around and upon a command from the evaluator will recall the dog. The recall is one of the most obedience exercises for the dog to master. If the dog does not come when called the dog is not obedient and cannot be trusted in public.

Test 7: Visiting with a Patient

The dog should show willingness to visit a person and demonstrate that it can be easily accessible for petting. Small dogs may be placed on a person’s lap or can be held. Medium and larger dogs can sit on a chair or stand close to the patient. The wheel chair can be used for this part of the test.

Therapy Dog Test